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  • Kaprice Dal Cerro

84 Quick + Easy Canva Tutorials (Design Like A Pro In 2023)

Updated: Jan 14

Canva…. do I need to say any more?

It’s a buzzword you probably see or hear a few times daily.

You’ve either stepped into the shallow end of the Canva pool or you dove right into the deep end.

Perhaps you’re the self-proclaimed non-techy user who believes that there is no way you will ever be able to use Canva.


You’re the intermediate user. The person who knows just enough to get by.


You’re the person who loves technology and jumped right into the deep end, and you don’t want to get out.

Regardless of your category, Canva has something to offer you.

Designed for everyone, Canva provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use design platform.

Non-techy users, I promise once you understand how to navigate within Canva and learn the product terms, you will create and design images you love in no time.

Even the most advanced users need guidance when it comes to certain tasks in Canva, and it can take time to research and find the answers you are looking for.

Every Canva user wants to learn and do more in Canva without spending hours researching tips and techniques.

Take a guided tour through 84 short, easy, and quick Canva tutorials for beginner through advanced users that will show you how to use Canva, create designs, and take your design skills to new levels.

*Note: Throughout this article, there are referenced features that are only available with the Pro (paid) version of Canva. If it’s a paid feature, you will see a crown in the lower right-hand corner of the element as you work in Canva.

Table of Contents:

Beginner Canva Tutorials

Intermediate Canva Tutorials

Advanced Canva Tutorials

The Bottom Line


Beginner Canva Tutorials:

Beginner tutorials are for the person who is new to Canva or the self-proclaimed non-techy who wants to learn how Canva works, design terms, and the design process.

Starting at the beginner level, you will be guided through the early steps in Canva to help you understand how the program works and how to navigate and create designs.

  1. Create a design in Canva - Guiding you through the basics of how to start a design.

  2. Finding the right template for your design in Canva - Learn how to search for a specific type of template.

  3. Customize templates in Canva - Learn how to customize Canva templates to create the look you want.

  4. Advanced template and element searches in Canva - Learn how to do advanced searches for templates, images, and elements to create creative designs quickly.

  5. Edit your design in Canva - Learn how to change colors, edit text, and change fonts.

  6. How to find free images if you are not using the Pro (paid) version of Canva - Find free images quickly.

  7. Elements - Search and edit in Canva - Learn what “element” means and how to find and add them to your designs.

  8. Media - Upload your own media to Canva - Adding your own images has never been easier.

  9. Media - Edit your media in Canva - Learn how to edit your uploaded images and add them to your designs.

  10. Text - Add and style text in Canva - Add text style and edit your text with a few easy steps.

  11. Add animation to your design in Canva - Learn how to make your text and elements move in your design.

  12. Saving and organizing your designs in folders in Canva - Save and organize your designs into folders for quick access.

  13. Create a brand kit in Canva - Keep your brand colors, logos, and fonts in one place for quick access.

  14. Create color pallets in Canva for your brand kit(s) - Create your brand kits with a few clicks.

  15. Edit colors in your Canva brand kit(s) - Updating brand colors is quick and simple.

  16. Add fonts to your Canva brand kit(s) - Add your favorite fonts for quick and easy access.

  17. Save your favorite elements and templates in Canva with the "Star" feature - Cut down your search time and Star (make it a favorite) your favorite elements and templates for quick access.

Intermediate Canva Tutorials:

Intermediate tutorials are for Canva users who have worked in Canva, understand beginner Canva techniques, and are looking to take their design skills to the next level.

  1. Edit photos in Canva - Learn how to remove backgrounds, add styles and special effects, and more to your photos.

  2. Adding shadows and frames to your image in Canva - Give your image a little pop by adding a shadow or a frame.

  3. Record a personal video in Canva - Use Canva’s built-in recorder to record a video of yourself or your screen that you can add to any design or download for other use.

  4. Share your Canva designs - Share and collaborate your designs with others.

  5. Using the Canva mobile app - Canva’s mobile app is similar to the online app, but there are slight differences in where to find some of the tools.

  6. Templates on Canva’s mobile app - Create and edit templates.

  7. Editing photos on Canva’s mobile app - Easily upload and edit photos from your phone to create a design in minutes.

  8. Create and edit a video on Canva’s mobile app - Create, design, and edit a video with just a few clicks using Canva’s mobile app.

  9. Edit your video's audio in Canva’s mobile app - Edit the audio for your video using Canva’s app from anywhere.

  10. Collaborate and share your designs using Canva’s app - Connect with your design team from anywhere by sharing your designs.

  11. Design a background using Canva’s mobile app - In a few quick steps, create a fun and creative background for your design.

  12. Creating docs using Cavna’s mobile app - Create and edit documents anytime and anywhere.

  13. Add photo effects to your images in Canva - Get creative with your images and make them a masterpiece.

  14. Find trendy design elements using Canva’s mobile app - Spice up your designs by adding trendy elements.