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Hi, nice to meet you!

I'm Kaprice, a certified freelance content marketer and SEO strategist. 

My passion for writing is connected to my insatiable curiosity, love of research and teaching, and my desire to share quality information.

I have a knack for writing in an engaging and conversational way that connects with the reader and gives them the information they're searching for, keeping them coming back for more.

My favorite topics include small business, entrepreneurship, mindset, and money. My years in tech also gave me a passion for sharing content in the tech niche. I could spend days sharing information about Canva.

I specialize in writing detailed short and long-form content (such as ultimate guides, blog posts, and articles).

Your goal is important to me, and I won't start writing until I understand your project thoroughly. 

Whether you want to increase your web traffic and build a strong online presence, I evaluate what kind of content is needed to grab the attention of your target audience.

After gathering the required information, I will conduct competitive research in order to create content that surpasses your competitors.

If you're looking to work with a writer who not only provides in-depth knowledge on the subject but also understands that content is only as good as the results it achieves, please get in touch, and we can chat about your content needs.

Kaprice Dal Cerro, Content Marketer, Kaprice Marie, LLC

I can help you with:



SEO Strategy


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