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Create and Design a Customized
Workbook With Ease

How would it feel to get that workbook you have wanted to create finished and ready to share? Amazing, right?!

Here's your chance to dive into Canva and discover how easy it is to design and create your workbook like the pros.
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Time & Location

Oct 06, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM CDT

Location: Via Zoom

About the Event

Have you wanted to create a workbook for your business, but it seems like a massive project, and you're unsure where to start?

You've seen countless "pretty" workbooks online and want to create one of your own but feel that you need a graphic design degree to make it look professional.

It's time to bring out your creative graphic designer side and bring your fantastic idea for the workbook to life. People are waiting for what you have to share, and I know you have it in you to get it done.


How would it feel to:

  • Have someone guide you through the exact steps to create your workbook?

  • Have someone answer your questions as they come up so that you are not spending hours or days trying to figure out how to create specific parts of your workbook?

  • Have a workbook in progress and learn the steps and techniques to finish your workbook in days, not weeks or months?

  • Get it done without frustration?

  • Share your unique new workbook with your clients?

  • Create a lead magnet that you can use to build your customer list?

  • To sell your beautiful workbook and build yourself as an expert in your field?

  • GET IT DONE and off your "I want to do" list?!

I see you smiling. It would feel AMAZING, right?! 




Now's the time to dive in and have me by your side, cheering you on, providing answers to your questions, and teaching you the tools and techniques you need to create your customized workbook.


Are you ready to get the most out of using this top-rated & powerful design software during this 90-minute hands-on workshop?


This course pulls back the curtain, shows you how to navigate, and find the resources you need, shares tips and tricks, and teaches you to create designs without frustration.


You will learn skills that will make you feel confident when creating and designing your marketing materials. The sky is the limit!



- This workshop is a hands-on workshop via Zoom.

- 90 minutes


What does that mean?

- We will be doing the work together.

- You will create and design a customized workbook specific to your business needs.

- I will walk you through the steps and answer questions specific to your design needs.


Who is this for?

- This is for users who have basic knowledge of Canva and those who feel they rock Canva already. (I promise, even my heavy Canva users have Aha mind-blowing moments 🤯).

- Those who want to get the most from Canva in a way that feels comfortable to you.

- Anyone who wants to take their design skills to the next level with ease.

- Anyone who wants to stop procrastinating and get this project off their to-do list 🙂.


You will need:

  • A computer - The tips and tricks I share do not work well on a tablet.

  • Canva (Canv Pro features will be shared during this workshop).

💎Let's get started...

Register today. Spaces are limited.

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