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MyBusiness - Past, Present, and Future

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

I'm always thinking about the type of content I want to share with my audience. Do I only share information about what's happening at the moment? Do I share stuff that I did in my past? What about the future, do you want to know where I want my journey to take me?

So as my mind is endlessly sifting through a catalog of thoughts, I got to thinking about one of my most favorite jobs. It was when I was working with a friend of mine and helping to take her business to the next level. That's when I worked for Footprints of the Mind, LLC, as the Program Director. We provided hands-on geography classes to elementary-aged school children.

As the Program Director, I had so much fun creating new programs, researching creative topics about our world, developing craft projects for each country (this isn't as easy as it sounds) for the students. The best part was teaching the kids!

My Program Director duties did not stop there. As I mentioned, I was also working to help build this business. We had so much fun together coming up with new marketing campaigns, sales pitches, merchandise, craft projects, learning how to bring our programs to schools, the list is endless. If you are a business owner, I'm sure you can relate.

I got to thinking about a blog post I entered for National Geographic's Blog-A-Thon they were hosting (as I look back, I can't believe it's been 8 years), that Nat Geo published.

I looked up the post and realized how relevant it is to my business. I share how the children's creativity is endless and how I am learning about their perceptions of the world. I also share about their limitless imaginations and how they are continually learning and expanding their thoughts.

Here is my blog via National Geographic:

Our eighth entry comes from Kaprice Dal Cerro, Program Director for Footprints of the Mind and Class Instructor in their geography enrichment program, “Wander Our World.” Find out how Kaprice teaches children about — and learns about their perceptions of — other cultures through In-School Field Trips!

I am one lucky adult to have a job I love and be able to “travel” the world with some of the best people I have ever met, children!

Each week we bring new adventures to our classes sharing amazing countries and new cultures. Many of these places have never been introduced to their young minds. To date, we have been able to share with our “travelers” the love of geography through a hands-on tactile approach. We have traveled to over 17 countries sharing amazing stories and the wonders our world holds.

Not only are the children learning new things about our world, I am learning as well. When I share information with our students, I LOVE to see their eyes light up and watch how they are sucking in the information we are sharing with them. Not only are they learning about new cultures, I am learning about their perceptions of the new cultures and how they view the world they live in.

Photo credit: Footprints of the Mind, LLC

From the beginning, I knew our program would make a difference in children’s perceptions, but it is confirmed when I see a group of children two weeks after they have participated in only ONE of our one-hour In-School Field Trip sessions and they greet me with “JAMBO”! The information has been retained, and they are looking and wanting more information about the rest of their world.

Our classes share the love of using our imaginations as well. As I mentioned our “travels” take place in a classroom (even though we would love to go on a plane), we need to get creative on which travel method we are going to use to get to our new destination on a different continent. The imaginations and creativity are endless!

I have had children zip line into the Amazon Rainforest, jet sky across the Atlantic Ocean, take a helicopter ride to Australia, and even swim through our wondrous oceans. Our students take pride and look forward to being the most creative.

The students come prepared each week, passports in hand, excited to guess where we are traveling to and where to find it on the map. Our adventures would not be complete without sharing with our “geo agents” country related treasures. To be able to hold and see something from another country is truly an amazing experience for each of them. They often wonder how we get such treasures from so far away.

We are very excited to be able to meet such wonderful open minds and share the love of geography, culture, and travel with each of our students. We often hear, “I cannot wait until I am old enough to visit….”!

Until next time…Bon Voyage!

This post was originally published on 11/6/2012 by National Geographic.

I'm sure you are wondering how does this post tie into my business. Let me tell you.

When I work with my clients, it's the same as when I worked with kids. My clients, just like the students, come with an open mind ready to learn. Ready for a new adventure. Ready to find the answers to their questions in a way that is fun and exciting to them. Ready to dive into their passions and learn about new ones they never knew existed.

I LOVE to see their eyes light up and watch how they now understand the information that was once keeping them stuck and paralyzed.

What I learn from my clients and students is that I'm always learning too. Learning new information and techniques that I can share to help them achieve their dreams and goals in ways they never thought imaginable. This is my passion!

I titled this article My Business - Past, Present, and Future because I wanted to share a piece of my past that is near and dear to my heart and how what I have learned from that experience I have brought with me to my present sharing the same tools and techniques. As for the future, it's a journey I'm still on, but what I can promise is that I will continue to grow, learn, teach, and share the information I have with as many people that are willing to listen.

📌 Tell me in the comments about how your past, present, and future has molded you to where you are today.

P.S. If your curious where Footprints of the Mind is today, I'm happy to report the program is now part of one Chicago Public School's classroom program and also still thrives during the summer with summer camps.

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