• Kaprice Dal Cerro

Learn How To Gain Strength Doing What You Love

I recently embarked on a journey that, to be honest, took me by surprise. I've had this idea brewing inside of me for some time, but I guess I was too scared to put it into the universe because I was nervous at the response or lack thereof, I would get.

Let me share with you my amazing experience and the things that I have learned so far.

This journey begins with my curiosity of learning about others. I was looking for a way to connect with other women and talk with them on a personal level but just was too scared to ask. Finally, an idea came to me, and it was too powerful not to take the leap and put it out into the universe.

I put on my big girl panties, got unscared, and posted my idea into a Facebook group, then something amazing happened! One Helluva Conversation - Real Women, Real Stories was welcomed with open arms. I had women from all of the world reaching out to me, wanting to share their stories. It was mind-blowing, and I was so humbled and honored that each of these women would trust me to share their stories!

There are no requirements for what type of stories will be shared. I believe your story is yours, and we each have one to tell, and no two are the same. The stories share the strength and perseverance of women who want to live their life on their terms, and nothing is going to stop them.

I can't begin to describe how I feel when I meet and chat with each of these amazing ladies. The connections we make during our conversations are genuine, and I feel as if I have known them for years. I know you will feel the same way!

So what have I learned from this experience?

The first thing I have learned is to stop being scared and that you don't have to please everyone, if they don't like what you have to offer than they were never meant to be part of your journey.

The second thing I have learned is that it's so much fun doing what you love on your own terms. Don't worry about how someone else is sharing information, do you and be who you are meant to be!

I have also learned that even though we may be separated by oceans and are miles apart from one another, we are very much the same. We can connect and provide support, encouragement, share a smile, and a virtual hug with one another. I highly recommend that you find your tribe and connect with others. You never know where one conversation will take you!

Are you ready to meet these amazing women?

Over the next few months, I will be sharing the unedited video chats with over 50 women during the One Helluva Conversation - Real Women, Real Stories series. I invite you to watch the videos and connect with these amazing women just as I have.

Where can you find these videos?

The first video will be published Friday, February, 28th.



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