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Learn How You Can Travel the World and Still Run Your Business

Michelle Wintersteen is a brand designer and world traveler. She has traveled the world visiting 50 countries and has been on 4 continents where she has learned that she can run her business no matter where her travels take her.

She comes from a long line of women entrepreneurs. Her grandmother (who was born in 1911) was an interior designer and worked well into her 80's, and she was an inspiration for Michelle.

Michelle credits her parents, who are also entrepreneurs, for the support and encouragement to start her own business.

She has never had a traditional 9-5 salary paying job and has watched and learned from her parents, who have created a successful business.

How MKW Creative Co started?

Michelle started having fun creating logos and designs on her computer and then would share them on social media. People began asking Michelle if she would create designs for them.

Like many of us, she had self-doubt (aka imposter syndrome), who was she to create brand designs with no educational background in graphic design. However, that did not stop her, for the last 6 years, Michelle has run a successful business where she can work from anywhere in the world.

How does Michelle travel and run her business?

Michelle loves to travel and found that it was much less expensive to travel full time and run her business from around the world than it was to travel and keep an apartment and car. So she ditched her apartment and got rid of her car and off she went on her travel adventure.

While traveling in other countries, Michelle finds local co-working spaces, and she goes there intending to give rather than to receive.

She gets to know the people by putting herself out there, creating relationships, and providing support to others by making herself super available.

While traveling in Costa Rica, she spoke twice at two co-working events and hired a local photographer.

Of course, while traveling, Michelle wants to have some fun and check out the local scenes. When traveling to keep her business running, she needs to stay focused and organized. She makes sure to schedule her client projects and time for fun.

Another fantastic resource while traveling is soaking in the local designs (color, shapes, foods, etc.); these are beautiful resources she can incorporate into her designs.

What about Michelle's hats?

I love that Michelle rewards herself when reaching her monthly goals.

Each month that she reaches her goal, she buys herself one of her favorite Lack of Color hats. She has quite a collection to date.

What an excellent way to keep yourself motivated and on track of your goals!


The foundation of any business: Be a good person, Do a good job


Michelle shares some tips for your business:

~ Know your mission, vision, and ideal client. Have a clear view of each and be able to answer it quickly whenever you are asked.

~ Organization is vital - system and processes. Anything you can do to keep yourself more organized.

~ Set limits and boundaries.

~ Find your community to help you connect.

~ Always give first - abundance and sharing.

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