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  • Kaprice Dal Cerro

How To Overcome Money Blocks In 2023 (The Ultimate 6 Step Guide)

Updated: Jan 14

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

This complete guide will help you understand what money blocks are, how they affect your lifestyle, and how you can change your relationship with money and achieve financial freedom.

How often do you say to yourself, "why does my bank account keep shrinking after each paycheck?"

You feel as if there isn't any way you will ever be able to catch up or stay afloat.

You're worried because your paychecks aren't getting any bigger. The cost of living is increasing substantially, and you're trying to keep healthy food on the table, but it keeps getting harder and harder.

Your thoughts of ever being able to get caught up and have a nest egg in the bank seem like a dream that will never come true.

You wish you understood why money disappears so quickly and how you can change that from happening.

You are not alone. So many people, especially women, have difficulty unraveling the mystery of money and how to keep more of it.

The good news is that you're in the right place.

Let's get you started and help you understand how money blocks are holding you back from having the financial independence you desire.

Table of Contents:

What are money blocks?

What are the different types of money blocks?

How to identify your money blocks

How to remove the root causes of your money blocks

How to Overcome Your Money Blocks

Tips on how to get more money today


Resources for money blocks

Money blocks FAQ

What are money blocks?

Photo by Leeloo

You've heard the term "money block" and have a big question mark above your head when you hear those words.

So what are money blocks, and how do they affect you?

Money blocks are a common problem for many people. Several factors can cause them, but the most common ones include the following:

  • Lack of money

  • Fear of debt or poverty

  • Lack of knowledge about finances

  • Bad financial habits

To break it down, a money block is a mindset, habit, pattern, or belief related to money that prevents you from gaining and keeping more money.

Sounds crazy, right?

Who doesn't want more money? How could you be pushing it away?

Let's remove the fog from the lens and get a clearer picture of how you identify with money blocks.

STEP 1: Grab a notebook or journal and list your fears and wishes around money.

What are the different types of money blocks?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

There isn’t a traditional list of money block types, and they are certainly not a one size fits all style of listing.

Instead, money blocks are learned thoughts and behaviors that start way before you ever understood what money was and how it affects your way of life.

Money blocks are generally introduced to us from a very young age. More often than not, money is taught to be a taboo subject.

You may have been taught never to discuss how much money you make at your job or how much that new house or car costs.

Money is often spoken about as a secret, and if you flaunt how much money you have, you are a pompous showoff (which, in turn, subconsciously gives you the belief that money is bad).

As a child, you may have watched how your parents spent or did not spend money.

You probably listened when they spoke about money with family and friends.

Take, for instance, these phrases. Do they sound familiar to you?:

  • Money does not grow on trees.

  • I wish I had their money.

  • Can you believe the cost of….. (insert just about any item)

  • You will never make that kind of money.

  • It must be nice to have that kind of money.

  • People like us don’t have that kind of money.

  • I grew up poor, so I will always be poor.

  • Greedy people have money.

  • Money can’t buy happiness.

  • You have to work hard to be rich.

  • Marry a rich man.

Are you nodding your head?

It’s not an intentional motive from your parents. These types of phrases have been repeated time and time again over the years, and your parents heard them too.

Negative views on money become part of your everyday conversation because that is how you have been taught to relate to money.

Is the fog clearing about how money blocks are the ingrained thoughts and feelings of those around you that you have heard on repeat your entire life?

Those thoughts and feelings become part of your subconscious thought process. This, in turn, holds you back from having the money you desire because you have been taught that getting and keeping money is hard.

A scarcity and fear-based mindset start to form.

How often do you find yourself repeating similar phrases over and over?