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Find Out Why Social Media Does Not Have To Be So Overwhelming

LaTasha James felt she always had the entrepreneurial spirit inside of her. As a child, she remembers playing store and creating her own business.

Her family has also played a role in her entrepreneurial journey; many of her family members have side hustles and her grandparents later in life started their own seed business in the UP of Michigan.

So how did LaTasha get started as an entrepreneur?

In college, she took a gig as a freelancer writing a blog. One gig led to another and then she progressed into the social media side and throughout college had herself a side hustle.

After college, she worked a corporate job while having her business as a side hustle. She then decided to take the leap and make it her full-time job. She wishes she would have done it earlier.

Many entrepreneurs feel the pressure when it comes to figuring out what content to post. LaTasha helps her clients get a better understanding of the process with her three content pillar approach.

She wants us to remember that posting on social media should not feel like a chore. You should enjoy it and when it comes to posting you have to do what works for you.

LaTasha provided some tips on how to overcome pain points you might be experiencing in your business:

- Have good systems in place.

- Outsource as needed.

- Market research your ideal client.

- Understand who your target audience is and be everything to that person. Don't try to be everything to everyone.

- Listen to your current audience.

- Test - post and see how people respond to your post, see what works the best.

Comment below and let me know what tips have helped you get through your pain points in your business?

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